The Door Paradox

Posted by Bedaywi, Mark on August 10, 2019

Read Time: 1 Minute

After having learnt about logical paradoxes a while back I set out on creating my own, and one year ago I came up with one I am rather proud of which essentially goes like this:

  1. An omnipetent being traps you in a room with a button.
  2. The omnipetent being tells you that the door will only be opened if the button is never pressed at any future moment.
  3. The omnipetent being, being omnipetent, searches through the future and finds that while trapped you never press the button, and as such the door opens.
  4. After the door had been opened you press the button.

Should the door ever have been opened?

If the door had never been opened you would never had pressed the button. This means the omnipetent being doesn't uphold its promise. If the door is opened then you press the button which means in both circumstances a paradox occurs. Personally, I think this thought experiment is incredibly fascinating because it essentially showcases how mind boggling it can be when considering a possibility where the future can affect the past. Does something like this disprove the possibility of future vision and backwards timetravel?

This paradox is similar to the crocodile's dilemma where a crocodile kidnaps a child and returns it only if the father replies with what it will do next, which prompts the father to reply "You will not return the child", hence the paradox.